INSPIRATION December 3, 2018

The perfect gift for a bride-to-be

Ritual gift boxes for the modern goddess by Kin of Mine

…stuck for a gift idea for the bride-to-be?
Kin of Mine have you covered!

Kin of Mine create ritual gift boxes to honour + celebrate the special transitional moments in a woman’s life! Their gift boxes can be used for ceremonies held the night before the wedding, bridal showers and other important milestones throughout life.

Gift boxes that provide inspiration for those wanting to create a beautiful space for their transitional occasion. By reuniting the feminine bond and promoting self love, a wonder-filled, uplifting and memorable experience can be created, connecting family, friends and loved ones!

Hear from business partners’ Elissa, Carly + Megghan about their {S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G} Goddess Shoot…

A pre-wedding ceremony featuring the Bride and her Bridesmaids! The concept was inspired by ancient traditions of honouring and celebrating the bride-to-be before she marries and begins a new phase of her life. It captures a unique pre-wedding ceremony performed using our giftboxes, within a beautiful flower labyrinth.

Photographer: The Seitter Wood House
Makeup: Hannah Mills Makeup Artist
Royalty Makeup and Beauty
Rowie the Label, Wilde Willow
Deeplove Picnics

Browse the amazing collection of gift boxes here. Enjoy lovers x